10 Tips You Should Know Before You Design A Logic Model

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I have been designing Logic Models for many years and using them to engage stakeholders, communicate a theory of change, map outcomes, design programs, and plan monitoring and evaluation strategies.

Over many years working with organisations I know how important and useful Logic Models can be. They support you to become an evidence-based and learning organisation.

I decided to write down in this handy guide some of the BEST tips you should know before you design a Logic Model. It includes my 10 secret tips about:

  • Using a participatory process
  • Why a Logic Model should tell a story
  • Using arrows
  • The importance of categorising
  • How to be creative
  • The importance of good design
  • The benefits of using Logic Models

I have also included some BONUS gifts:

  • A checklist
  • A planning template

This guide lets you know the secrets to designing effective Logic Models.
It’s easy to read and available for you right now!

Wishing you success.
Dr Ruth Knight

p.s. Once you have finished this guide you will be ready to start designing your own Logic Model using the Logic Model E-guide that gives you a step by step process to designing your own Logic Model. There is no guess work – there are examples and exercises for you to complete so you become confident in no time at all!

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